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A service engineer, also called a field service engineer, installs, repairs, and maintains equipment for clients. As a service engineer, you are the face of your company, traveling on-site to troubleshoot the issues your client has with the machinery.

The service engineer is responsible for making sure equipment is running smoothly so unplanned downtime and breakdowns are avoided. As the maintenance service engineer, it is your responsibility to stay on top of issues on the site you are working on.


Service engineer duties and responsibilities

Often providing on-call assistance to customers at home or businesses in remote locations, service engineers diagnose and resolve electrical issues. As well as providing fixes, they might help to install electrical equipment or machinery. Sometimes, service engineers work as part of a team when working on larger, complex jobs. Other duties and responsibilities of a service engineer include


·   Delivering services to customers effectively and on time

·   Monitoring and maintaining electrical equipment or machinery performance;

·   Walking customers through how equipment works including how to use it safely;

·   Explaining new features and suggesting upgrades to customers;

·   Ordering and restocking materials when it is required;

·   Participating in ongoing training to keep up to date with the latest developments in electrical engineering;

·   Providing clear customer feedback;

·   Leading or assisting with the support of projects;

·   Following government health and safety regulations and the regulations of their employer.


What does a service engineer do?

Working on behalf of a company or as a self-employed worker, service engineers lead or assist on electrical systems-related projects. Being a service engineer often requires working in a high-pressure environment, making complex on-the-job decisions about the safest solutions to electrical problems based on their knowledge and previous experience.

If working as a senior member of a team, a service engineer will be able to supervise staff on tasks with confidence. As part of a team, service engineers work with others in order to troubleshoot issues, accepting challenges and communicating solutions well to their colleagues and customers. Often, service engineers need to be computer literate and are able to record reports or analysis in documents.


Service engineer skills and qualifications

Being a service engineer often requires personality traits like steadiness, attention to detail and logical reasoning skills. Other service engineer skills and qualifications include:


·   Good interpersonal skills and an ability to work with a customer or team in order to solve electrical system problems;

·   Time management skills and the ability to prioritise tasks according to urgency;

·   Being able to respond to emergencies on time and complete tasks to tight deadlines;

·   Being a good salesperson who can talk through new features and upgrades with customers if required as part of their job specification.


Date : 07 Oct, 2023

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