About Us

Vision of the Institution

To be a Leading Centre of Excellence in the field of Engineering and Management by providing students an outstanding platform that aids the quest for knowledge, inspires leadership and brings out their best.

To emerge as a front-running centre of excellence that fosters thought leadership and grooms dynamic professionals in the best possible way.

Mission of the Institution

Making the Institute emerge as the alma mater for students that broadens horizons, inspires and empowers them to dream the impossible and yet keeps them grounded so as not to lose touch with reality.

We believe in upholding the true culture of the educationist, being the quintessential learner - incorporating new ideas to add a new dimension to holistic learning and motivating students to realize their potential and capitalize on their strengths. Our mission is to empower the new generation of truly global Indians to enrich thought & lives.


Improving the quality of Technical education to create better and employable human resources to match with changing business environment.

Sharing the resources (Infrastructure and Academic Experience) with other institutions and helping them in their development.

Creating the environment for developing entrepreneurship in society.

Developing and maintaining the high degree of ethical and professional standards in imparting the management education and ensuring growth and development of all stakeholders.