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Vision of the Institution

“To become a renowned institution recognized for excellence in outcome-based education through Research and Innovation producing globally competent technocrats and managers with ethical values.”

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Mission of the Institution

M1: To develop a quality-based education system that builds competent professionals with high learning standards and human values.

M2: To build an industrial school that provides an interface for promoting innovative education and research.

M3: To Cultivate technocrats and managers, empower staff, and drive infrastructure innovation, fostering a dynamic community dedicated to excellence in technical field and betterment of society.


Improving the quality of Technical education to create better and employable human resources to match with changing business environment.

Sharing the resources (Infrastructure and Academic Experience) with other institutions and helping them in their development.

Creating the environment for developing entrepreneurship in society.

Developing and maintaining the high degree of ethical and professional standards in imparting the management education and ensuring growth and development of all stakeholders.