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SAITM provides on-campus residence facilities to students and has separate hostel buildings for girls & boys. SAITM hostels are equipped with all the facilities to provide a comfortable stay to students. The rooms at SAITM’s campus hostels are well-furnished and properly lighted. SAITM hostels have wifi connectivity and inverter facilities. Students staying in the SAITM hostels learn to live independently and self sufficiently. It helps students develop a sense of friendship, raises cultural awareness, creates a learning atmosphere, and teaches them to be self-disciplined. The SAITM hostels are managed by the Hostel Committee. The campus hostel committee is headed by the chief warden in assistance with two in-charge wardens, taking care of day-to-day aspects of the hostel management. Each hostel has a resident warden who looks after the discipline, maintenance of the building, allotment of rooms, etc. The hostel staff includes caretakers, attendants, and maintenance staff. St. Andrews college, Delhi, hostel fee structure is set by the management. You can get the details of SAITM hostel fees by contacting the administration office.

Main Highlights of SAITM Hostels

  • Disciplined hostel life at SAITM helps students learn and grow under the supervision of the administration.
  • Separate, safe, and secure in-campus hostel facilities are provided to both boys and girls.
  • All the rooms in SAITM’s campus hostels are well-furnished and spacious creating a pleasant and hygienic environment.
  • Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are cooked and served separately as per students’ choice at the hostel mess.

From taking care of studies to managing everything themselves, students learn to take all responsibilities on their shoulders while being at SAITM hostels. Hostel life at SAITM teaches students to get accustomed to a new learning environment. SAITM’s campus hostels create a learning and supportive atmosphere for individual and group studies and tend to develop healthy competition and mutual understanding among hostellers.

Students at the time of admission can apply for the campus hostel facility and they would later be allotted rooms. The hostel rooms are allotted on a first come first serve basis. 

Measures to prevent bullying/ragging

SAITM completely condemns any type of ragging, bullying, or harassment in the college or hostel premises. SAITM ensures that all the necessary measures are taken to prevent such acts in SAITM premises. To implement the strictest of measures and actions against the bullies, a committee of experts is appointed by the institute to exclusively look into such incidents.

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Separate safe and secure in-campus hostels are provided for boys and girls with well-furnished, comfortable rooms in a pleasant and hygienic environment. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are cooked and served separately as per requirement...

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