Technical Director

A Technical Director is a top-level position in a television studio or theater. They oversee all aspects of technical direction regarding lighting, sound and equipment. A Technical Director works closely with the director to draft concepts and necessary technical equipment. Additionally, a Technical Director communicates with the production manager and informs them of the current budget status and expected expenditures. Most employees in this position begin in related roles and advance as they gain knowledge in the various areas related to production technology.

Responsibilities for Technical Director

  • Maintain a reliable system for providing technical support for all programs and events
  • Monitor audio and mixing as well as audio recordings throughout productions
  • Oversee proper lighting as predetermined in team production meetings
  • Ensure all productions are distraction free and technically well-supported by various support roles
  • Produce technical drawings and communicate with scene supervisors to determine the effectiveness of planned processes
  • Recruit and train exceptional employees to fulfill required positions within the technical field
  • Update and maintain all production technologies ensuring proper maintenance and installation
  • Keep detailed and reliable records regarding warranties and licensing agreements



Date : 07 Oct, 2023

  • Technical Director

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