PHP training is one of the best ways for students and graduates who want to build their career in Web Development in the IT industry. PHP is a server-side web scripting language and this is an ‘Open Source Technology’. PHP is the most widely used web programming language across the world and almost all medium sized and MultiNational IT companies work on PHP technologies. PHP along with the MySQL database is used to build database driven, dynamic and interactive websites and applications.

Course Objective 

On completion of PHP training course, the student will be able to - 


  • Develop websites and applications using PHP technologies and open source content management systems, which are being used nowadays. 

  • Explore detailed functionalities, PHP architecture and design available. 

  • Gathering and analyzing PHP functionalities required by the client. 

  • Use JavaScript and AJAX in order to get attractive user interface for the application. 

  • Complete and deploy PHP website or application on the live server or cloud to show during interviews or potential clients.

Date : 07 Dec, 2019

  • PHP

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