Software Developer

Software developers design, create, and maintain software for applications and systems. There are two main types of software developers: application software developers and systems software developers.

Application software focuses on mobile or web applications for consumers, while systems software developers create enterprise system solutions.

Both types of developers analyze, test, and improve software to better meet user needs. They oversee the entire software lifecycle, including designing individual parts, performing maintenance, and deploying upgrades.

Developers work closely with other IT professionals, such as programmers and quality assurance analysts. They also share many responsibilities with software engineers. However, software engineers take a broader approach and apply engineering principles to the entire system. Software developers focus more on finding specific solutions to users' software needs.

Software developers typically work in the computer systems design industry. Other common employers include financial and insurance institutions, software publishers, and manufacturers.

Date : 07 Oct, 2023

  • Software Developer

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