What Are Power Skills and Why Are They Called the New Soft Skills

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The technological advancements around the world have brought a major transformation in the way businesses function. Due to the transformation of the processes, companies have been experiencing the widening of the skill gap. The reason being candidates only focus on the traditional skills and do not pay much attention to acquiring the right skills that would help them grow in the evolving business world. We can say that technology has brought a skill revolution in the industry and the inability to upgrade to the new skills or inability to upskill or reskill is causing the skill gap in the workplaces. These new soft skills that one needs to acquire in order to effectively perform in today’s industry are called the Power Skills.

Employers nowadays want their employees to be more proactive and empathetic towards their clients to gain trust. Companies demand their employees to be able to communicate with clarity, be team players with active listening skills, be adaptive and flexible to the changes, manage & lead teams with humility, and display creativity while offering solutions to business problems. All of this requires a little more than soft skills or the new age soft skills which are called Power Skills.

What are Power Skills?

Power Skills, as the name suggests, give power to individuals at work. Having these skills give employees the power to navigate the challenges of the modern work environment. Power skills are the new age competencies that professionals must possess in order to gain a leading edge in the business world. Employees Let’s have a look at the most in-demand power skills that would drive the future market.

1. Communication & Teamwork

Having excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team efficiently are the two most important skills that employers look for in a candidate for hire. Having these skills grant employees the power to build a strong connection with their team members and communicate their ideas effectively which is of utmost importance for an employee to deliver results at the workplace.

2. Leadership & Management

The ability to manage oneself along with the team is what employers seek in a candidate. Having leadership and management skills help professionals take lead at the workplace and deliver valuable results. Having these skills give employees the power to execute their ideas.

3. Productivity & Collaboration

To keep up with the fast-paced work environment of today’s industry, employees need to be highly efficient and productive. Companies expect their employees to deliver quick and effective results and one cannot achieve that by collaborating with other teammates and colleagues. Thus, companies will actively seek these two skills in the future workforce.

4. Analytical & Creative Thinking

Professionals must possess the ability to analyse any given situation and come up with creative, out-of-the-box solutions. Companies want their employees to have a customer-centric mindset so that they can analyse the customer’s requirements and provide a unique idea to cater for them. Having analytical skills and creative thinking help employees to deliver the desired outcomes.

5. Quick Decision Making

Quick decision making is one of the sought after skills in the current market scenario. Employers seek professionals who can make quick and result-driven decisions to meet the business needs. The ability to make quick decisions is what it takes for a professional to make his/her way to the top management level.

Reasons That are Driving the Demand of Power Skills in Market

1. The Rapidly Changing Nature of Work

The digital transformation has brought a change to the way companies work. With processes going digital, employees need to be more attentive towards the business needs. As businesses adopt agility in their functions, professionals are not confined to a single domain or area of work. Employees need to strike the right balance between various aspects of their work-life and this is why employers seek power skills in their employees.

2. Highly Competetive Market

To stay ahead in the highly competitive market, companies look for smart professionals who can perceive and grab potential business opportunities. Professionals having exceptional power skills can realize the business potential and create great opportunities for the business to grow exponentially.

3. The Rising Need of Innovation

As technology facilitates new business methods, every company is trying to advance their ways and stay relevant in the industry. This arises the need and pressure for innovation. Therefore, businesses look for professionals having creative minds who can propose innovative ideas for their business to transform efficiently.

4. The Workforce’s Expectations of Leadership are Changing

The reports reveal that millennials and Generation Z will comprise more than half of the workforce population in the coming two years and these generations place a high value on the human element at work. The upcoming workforce would want their leader to be compassionate and empathetic. For professionals to meet the changing expectations of the future generation at work, must possess adequate power skills.


It is always good for one’s career growth to upskill or reskill as per the industry’ demand. We advise professionals and students who are planning to apply for jobs to work on themselves to acquire the Power Skills. Having the right skills and knowledge would make you unstoppable in your career. Also, the institute you choose to pursue your professional course plays a significant role in inculcating the skills in you. For students who want to pursue professional courses like BBA, BCA, B.Tech, or MBA can opt for St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon as the institute focuses on developing students’ extensive interpersonal skills. SAITM helps students acquire skills that world-class companies look for in candidates at the time of hiring. You can visit SAITM’s admission page to gather more information about the admission process.

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