6 Most Promising BCA Career Options in 2021

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The world is advancing at a fast rate and to keep pace with it, students need to be very much informed at every stage of their career-building process. With intense competition prevailing in the industry, students should be very calculative and aware of the industry trends while making decisions about their education. As BCA is emerging as one of the most trending and sought-after UG courses in India, several students are opting for it in 2021.

There are two major areas that students must give a thought to before choosing any UG course after completing their class 12th i.e, the scope and career prospects of the bachelor’s program that they want to pursue and the institute they take admission in. Students planning to take BCA as their undergraduate degree program must choose a well-renowned institute that offers a quality-based BCA program and good placement opportunities. SAITM or St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management is one of the best BCA colleges in Delhi that provides the best-in-class education to students. SAITM’s BCA program is highly comprehensive with an advanced curriculum. The BCA curriculum at SAITM is inclusive of conceptual and practical knowledge helping students to get the maximum industry exposure.

Moving onto the next most important thing for students to know about the BCA course i.e, the scope and career opportunities extended after BCA in 2021. Whether you are planning to enroll for a BCA course, pursuing it currently, or have completed your BCA, knowing the best career options after BCA will help you drive better career growth. We will discuss the scope and the best career opportunities after BCA in 2021, in this blog.

Best Career Opportunities After BCA in 2021

1. Data Scientist

Data Science is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry and the demand for data science professionals is very high nowadays. Data Science is a promising career option for BCA graduates as Data Scientist is one of the highest paying jobs in India. Though the BCA subjects include programming languages and the study of new-age technologies, we suggest students do a Data Science certification program to gain expertise in the field. The job role of a Data Scientist includes data visualization, data mining, data analysis using various tools and software.

Average starting salary package of a Data Scientist – 8 LPA

2. Web Developer

Many well-renowned private IT companies offer the role of web developer to BCA graduates. Web development is one of the most suitable jobs for BCA students as they are taught about the development and implementation of various computer applications and software using different programming languages in their BCA course. Also, web development has a lot of scope in the industry given the ongoing trend of digitization. BCA students can drive exponential growth in the field of web development by working on their skills and gaining experience. The role of a Web Developer incorporates the development, deployment, and maintenance of web applications or websites.

Average starting salary package of a Web Developer – 3 to 6 LPA

3. Cyber Security Expert

With the rising popularity of social media, increased use of the internet, and everything going online, the cyber threat has considerably increased over the last decade. Because of this reason, there is a huge demand for Cyber Security Experts in the industry, and the BCA program empowers students to take up this role. SAITM’s BCA curriculum is designed as per industry standards and helps students acquire skills and knowledge required for popular job roles in the industry. SAITM organizes various workshops to train students to be successful cyber security professionals. The job role includes application, networking, and data security over the internet using various security tools, measures, and software.

Average starting salary package of a Cyber Security Expert – 4 to 10 LPA

4. Technical Analyst

As BCA students have good knowledge about computer applications and networking, they can easily take up the role of a Technical Analyst. The responsibilities of a Technical Analyst are to analyze the business processes & requirements, suggest proper applications, tools, and technologies to be deployed to enhance the business efficiency and reduce costs of the organization. Also, a Technical Analyst administers the IT systems in the organization and train new employees about the IT procedures. Being a Technical Analyst is a potential career option to pursue after BCA.

Average starting salary package of a Technical Analyst – 4 to 7 LPA

5. Software Developer

One of the most preferred and scaling job options for BCA graduates is Software Developer. Several renowned BCA colleges like SAITM provide college placements for students where students get hired as Software Developers right after their graduation. Some companies hire BCA graduates as Software Developer Trainees. Nevertheless, students can move up to higher positions after gaining some experience in a short period of time. A software developer develops and designs software using various technologies and programming languages. The job role offers optimum career growth for BCA students in the IT industry.

Average starting salary package of a Software developer – 3 to 10 LPA

6. Pursue Higher Studies or Masters

Students after completing BCA can also opt for higher education for better career prospects. One cannot deny that a master’s degree opens better and wider opportunities than a bachelor’s. Students have the option to pursue MCA, MBA, or PGDM after completing their BCA and seek better job opportunities after their post-graduation. Having a master’s degree helps students gain expertise in the field of their interest and enables them to get senior job positions in an organization.


Whether you want to take up a job right after your BCA or want to pursue a post-graduation, the foundation of your career is laid by the college you choose to pursue your BCA. A good college like SAITM would provide you with top-notch placement opportunities and help you give your career a kick start in the right direction. Also, many students studying BCA at SAITM enroll for SAITM’s MBA after their graduation to strengthen their skills. To take up any of the above-discussed job roles, students must have the right skills and knowledge. SAITM conducts various workshops, seminars, and guest lectures to help students gain the right skills and meet the job requirements set by the big firms in the industry. You can enroll in the BCA program at SAITM and apply for the course by visiting their website.

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