6 Most Lucrative Job Options for MBA Freshers in 2021

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Earning an MBA can open doors to multiple opportunities in today’s highly competitive market scenario. An MBA fresher is presented with better and higher paying job opportunities as compared to any other graduate. This is the reason why the majority of students choose to pursue an MBA after their graduation. Though the career scope after MBA is considerably wide but as it is always wiser to make calculated decisions, we advise students to look into the various career prospects beforehand. It would help students to align their career goals and work towards them from the beginning of their MBA course. Also, staying career-oriented would help students to choose the right institute to pursue an MBA. MBA freshers can easily seize the potential opportunities lying in the market only if they have graduated from a renowned institute like St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management, Gurgaon. SAITM provides excellent placement opportunities to students and thus, enables MBA freshers to give a kick start to their careers.

In this blog, we will list the 6 most trending and highest paying job options for MBA freshers in 2021 so that students who complete their MBA course in 2021 can make the right career choice. This blog will help students, who are either pursuing MBA or have completed their MBA course, to get a fair idea about the current market scenario for MBA freshers.

Let’s have a look at the most promising job options for MBA freshers in 2021.

1. Business Analyst

Business Analysis is a significant business function that organizations give much importance to nowadays. The role of a Business Analyst is an important job role that requires an individual to have analytical skills. Many companies hire MBA freshers for the role of Business Analysts and initially train them for the role before handing over the projects. The roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst include researching and analyzing business opportunities, market conditions, business processes to offer valuable solutions to the clients.

The package offered to MBA freshers for the role of a Business Analyst: 4 – 6 LPA

2. Human Resource Manager

MBA freshers can opt to work in the Human Resource niche as HR management is an ever-growing field. Students after completing their MBA in HR are eligible to apply for the role of Human Resource Manager. The major roles and responsibilities of an HR Manager are talent acquisition, streamlining hiring and onboarding processes, handling employee grievances, managing compensations & employee benefits and many more. To work as an HR manager, students must have exceptional employee handling and management skills. Therefore, MBA students who are looking to build a career as an HR professional must start working on their management skills.

The average package offered to MBA freshers for the role of HR Manager: 3.5 – 5 LPA

3. Project Manager (IT)

MBA graduates are considered to be the perfect fit for the role of Project Manager in an IT company. Starting their career as a project manager (IT) can help MBA freshers to move up in their career at a faster pace. A project manager is responsible for managing the complete project cycle. MBA professionals working as project managers coordinate with the various team members to ensure timely execution and smooth delivery of the project.

The average package offered to MBA freshers for the role of Project Manager (IT): 4 – 8 LPA

4. Business Development Manager

MBA students who are seeking a sales-related job can opt for the profile of Business Development Manager. Business development is a field with a multitude of opportunities to grow for an individual. Many companies offer the role of a business development manager to MBA freshers through on-campus and on-campus placement drives. The roles of a business development manager include planning and executing sales campaigns, creating a sales pipeline, identifying valuable leads and developing business funnels to increase sales.

The average package offered to MBA freshers for the role of Business Development Manager: 4 -10 LPA

5. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields in the industry. Students who are internet-savvy and adept with the use of search engines can opt for the role of a digital marketing executive. The role requires students to plan and execute online marketing campaigns like SEO, SMO, ad campaigns, & content marketing. Therefore, students who wish to build a career as digital marketers must have some additional skills and prior knowledge about the domain. We advise students to take up an online digital marketing course that would help them to gain requisite skills and knowledge. Many prestigious institutes like SAITM provide additional skills-based learning programs to MBA students. At SAITM, students get to work on their skills and gain additional knowledge that helps them prepare for job interviews.

The average package offered to MBA freshers for the role of Digital Marketer: 3 – 6 LPA

6. Operations Manager

Operations Manager is an upper-level management profile. The role of an operations manager in an organization is of utmost importance as an operations manager is a key decision-maker. Many companies offer the role of the operations manager to MBA freshers having the right attitude and skills. The roles and responsibilities that come along the job profile are inspecting the current business operations, introducing & implementing the right processes and practices across the organization, supervising & training the employees, strategizing new processes, and managing various business operations within the organization. Students who want to opt for the role of operations manager after their MBA must work on their coordination and interpersonal skills.

The average package offered to MBA freshers for the position of Operations Manager: 5 – 10 LPA


Though there are multiple career options that an MBA graduate can choose from after completing their course, we suggest MBA freshers look for a job option that extends growth opportunities in the current market scenario. Moreover, students must start working towards their dream job while pursuing an MBA to build a successful career. Therefore, it is highly advisable to choose an institute that gives value to skill-based learning. St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management is one such institute that gives utmost importance to developing new skills in students. The MBA program at St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management provides opportunities for students to develop personally and professionally. SAITM provides great exposure to students and prepares them to take up emerging job roles in the industry.

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