5 ways how an MBA can scale up your career

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One needs to keep upgrading their skills in order to stay competitive in the fast-evolving industry. Many professionals realise the need for enhancing their skills and knowledge to move up in their career while working and that’s the reason we see many people taking a break from their job and pursuing a post-graduation or preferably an MBA. There is no doubt that a master’s degree adds innumerable value to your career given that you choose the right PG course. MBA or Master of Business Administration has emerged as the most preferred PG course among the students and professionals. Students after doing graduation from any field choose to pursue a Master of Business Administration to give their career a boost.

Pursuing an MBA accelerates your career growth in several ways given that you choose a renowned institute like St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management (SAITM) for your MBA. For students and professionals who are looking for the most beneficial PG course to give their career a boost, this blog will help you understand how an MBA can scale up your career.

1. Qualifies You For Senior Managerial Positions

Most companies prefer candidates having an MBA degree for the significant management roles in the organization. As an MBA course focuses on developing leadership and management skills in students, MBA graduates prove to be better leaders and managers. Therefore, once you complete your MBA, companies will consider you for senior management profiles that require you to lead a team or make important decisions for the organization. An MBA opens door to better opportunities in your career by building greater capabilities in you. Following are some of the job profiles that are exclusively offered to MBA graduates.

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Chief Finance Manager
  • Senior Consuslant
  • HR Manager

It is of utmost importance that you choose a reputed institute to do an MBA and we suggest you choose SAITM as the institute provides the best-in-class education. SAITM’s MBA is considered to be one of the best with a progressive curriculum and great exposure.

2. Increases Your Credibility

An MBA degree plays a significant role in increasing your credibility as a professional. Though earning an MBA in itself is a great achievement, it provides validation to your skills and capabilities of carrying out important responsibilities. Since MBA is a specialization-specific course where students choose their area of specialization to master, it makes them more credible to work as a senior professional in that particular field. An MBA in a specialized field helps students to gain expertise in that particular niche. This is the reason why companies rely on MBA graduates to take up significant job roles in departments in which they have specialized. It can be a challenging and long journey for a professional having only a UG degree to move from a junior to a senior management position but having an MBA degree can help you move up in your career at a faster pace.

3. Expands Your Global Professional Network

MBA provides you manifold opportunities to build connections, collaborate with professionals across the globe, share knowledge and understand the perspectives of various professionals from the same field. Pursuing an MBA, you would get a chance to attend various guest lectures, seminars, and workshops conducted by your institute. It will provide you with a chance to interact with renowned professionals in the industry and build valuable connections.

SAITM, Gurgaon regularly organizes seminars and guest lectures for MBA students where students get to build professional connections that would be beneficial for them in building a successful career. Also, there are several global clubs and communities for MBA graduates that professionals can join to expand their network.

4. Grants You Greater Earning Potential

With senior job roles, come greater responsibilities and of course greater remuneration. The starting salary package of an MBA graduate is higher than that of any other graduate. Not only that, MBA professionals are hired for the highest paying job profiles in various sectors. Having an MBA makes you more skilled, reliable, and knowledgeable which in turn builds your eligibility for higher management positions and a large salary comes inevitably attached to higher management positions. Also, students can start their own businesses after MBA which would open wider earning opportunities for them.

SAITM provides the best-in-industry job opportunities to MBA graduates and has a record of almost 100% MBA placement. MBA graduates at SAITM get placement opportunities at renowned companies and are offered higher salary packages.

5. Builds Your Strategic Thinking Approach

An MBA course trains you to think strategically in every business situation and enables you to provide efficient business solutions. During an MBA course, you would learn about various problem handling techniques, develop business management, leadership and advanced decision-making skills. An MBA degree would prepare you to first analyze the problems and then offer real-time solutions which would help you overcome major challenges in your professional life.

Being a senior management person would require you to provide quick and effective business solutions and an MBA would be the perfect course to equip yourself with these skills and abilities. Also, you would learn about building and maintaining various valuable partnerships and business associations during your MBA course which would be highly beneficial for your professional growth.

Summing it Up

Having an MBA can prove to be extremely valuable for your career growth. Students who are highly ambitious and want to take their careers to greater heights must consider pursuing an MBA from a well-established institute that offers a multitude of opportunities for students to grow personally and professionally. Students who are planning to pursue an MBA to give their career a boost and looking for a reliable institute in Delhi must join SAITM’s MBA program. St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management is one of the most prestigious MBA institutes in Delhi that provides quality education and trains students to be successful professionals. By joining SAITM’s MBA, you would gain great exposure to the latest industry practices and trends. The institute helps students to have the right start of their career by offering exemplary placement facilities. You can visit SAITM’s official website to know more about the MBA program offered by SAITM.

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