Amazon USA Software Engineer

Webinar on ‘How to Prepare for Your Dream Job During College’ - A Session by an Amazon USA Software Engineer

Date - 27th August 2021

Honourable Speakers

Mr Pranav Saraf - Software Engineer, Amazon USA

Dr Abhay Sharma - Prof, SAITM

A session on ‘How to prepare for your dream job during college’ was conducted by SAITM on 27th August 2021 and delivered by an established software engineer at Amazon USA - Mr Pranav Saraf. Mr Saraf shared his journey from a college student to a successful software engineer at Amazon, USA with students. He talked about his work at Amazon and what types of projects he deals with. Mr Pranav shared his responsibilities as an engineer at Amazon.

Mr Pranav shared that he was always very inquisitive about computer programming and new technologies and that’s what led him to build a career in computer engineering. It was an interactive session between Dr Abhay Sharma & Mr Pranav Saraf. Moving ahead Dr Abhay Sharma talked about SAITM’s initiative to incorporate practical knowledge and industry exposure in the engineering courses available at SAITM. He also shared how SAITM focuses on building students' interpersonal skills from the very beginning and introduces skill-based courses in the curriculum to prepare them for a potential job. Also, Mr Pranav spoke about the challenges he faced while achieving his career goals. He shared how opting for some additional courses helped him gain expertise in the field. He urged students to join free courses available online to upgrade their skills. It was a motivational session for students preparing to take part in the placement drives conducted by SAITM and it sure helped students to make the right career choice.

Date : 14 Oct, 2021

  • Amazon USA Software Engineer

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