Mastering the MBA

Webinar on "Mastering the MBA"

Date - 17th July, 21

Honourable Panellists

Mr Kapil Mohan Garg - An Established Academician, Entrepreneur, and IT Professional

Ms Sneha Singh - Digital Producer at Pearson

Dr Lalit Kumar Sharma - Deen Management, SAITM

The agenda of the webinar was to discuss the dimensions and quality of MBA education in India. The motive was to help students understand various aspects of the MBA degree and how SAITM’s MBA course prepares students to gain a competitive edge in the industry. The speakers talked about the importance of incorporating outcome-oriented education methods as the ultimate motive of students is to get a reputed job after their MBA.

Dr Lalit Kumar spoke about the advanced curriculum and ROI of the MBA program offered by SAITM. He discussed how SAITM’s MBA helps students build successful careers and become responsible citizens of the country. Mr Kapil Mohan Garg talked about the importance of skill enhancement for MBA students in the current competitive scenario. Ms Sneha Singh laid emphasis on the role of the institution you choose for pursuing your MBA in determining your career growth. The speakers were of opinion that St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management lays a strong foundation for MBA students and enables them to gain maximum exposure alongside.

Date : 14 Oct, 2021

  • Mastering the MBA

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