Core vs Non-Core Jobs: Choose the more lucrative Btech Job in 2021

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Engineering or is a popular field of study among science stream students. Every year several students pass out from engineering colleges in India but not all of them take up core engineering jobs. A great number of students after completing their choose to do a job that requires completely different skills than what they have developed during their study in a program. This trend has been on a surge for the past few years. The companies that come to colleges for placement activities offer both core and non-core jobs to students. It’s up to students to make the right choice for their careers.

Students who are looking forward to enrolling for a program or are currently pursuing a program must consider various job options available after It is crucial for students to know about the scope and growth of various core and non-core jobs before choosing one. Thus, we will discuss in detail the various aspects of core and non-core jobs after in 2021 to help engineering students choose a value-creating job option.

What are Core Jobs for

The core jobs are the jobs that require the skillset and knowledge related to the specific branch of engineering or course studied by students. It would be right to say that core jobs are the actual engineering jobs. For example, if a student has studied Civil Engineering, a job as a Civil Engineer or in the same field is considered as a core job. The same goes for all other branches of engineering like CSE, ME, ECE. students who opt for engineering out of their interest in the field usually prefer core jobs. Core jobs enable them to put the knowledge they gained during their studies to practice. Also, students who wish to take up a core job after their in 2021 must equip themselves with adequate engineering skills and in-depth knowledge of their branch. Let’s have a look at some of the popular core job profiles for graduates

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Network & Telecom Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • IT Engineer
  • Civil Engineer

What are Non-Core Jobs?

The non-core jobs are those which are not directly related to students’ field of study i.e, engineering. These jobs require the skillset or knowledge different from what students learn in their engineering course. Many students enrol for a program due to societal pressure or pressure from parents and due to lack of interest, they do not become technically proficient. Such students prefer non-core jobs after their graduation. Also, students can pursue their interests by opting for a non-core job. For example, an engineering graduate who has an interest in writing can take up a role of a content writer after completing his/her program. There are several students who willingly opt for a non-core job after to do what interests them. Moreover, there are plenty of non-core jobs available in the market in various niches so students can easily land a good job. Following are some of the examples of popular non-core jobs that engineering students take up.

  • Banking Professional
  • Sales Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Business Analyst
  • Social Media Manager
  • Internet Marketing Analyst

Scope – Core vs Non-Core Jobs

Though there is a wide scope of core jobs, the availability of core engineering jobs in the market is not that much. There are comparatively fewer core engineering companies that offer job roles related to the core engineering fields. Due to this, the competition for core jobs in the industry is quite intense. Following are some of the renowned companies/organizations that offer core engineering jobs.

  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Oracle
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  • Infosys Ltd
  • Accenture plc
  • Tata group
  • Ashok Leyland

The non-core sector is very vast as any job that is not related to the field of engineering would be considered a non-core job. The market has been very favourable for non–core jobs for graduates for the past few years and continues to extend a plethora of non-core job opportunities after in 2021. Several IT companies offer jobs to engineering graduates in non-core departments as IT firms have various departments dedicated to different areas of work. Media companies, banks, telecom companies, companies working in the education sector, IT companies, content marketing companies, the food and beverage industry and many other industries offer non-core jobs to engineering graduates. Let’s have a look at some of the well-known companies that offer non-core jobs to graduates.

  • Ernst and Young Global Limited
  • ICICI Bank Limited
  • Times Internet limited
  • upGrad
  • NIIT Technologies
  • Bharti Airtel limited

Growth in Core & Non-Core Sectors after 2021

The growth in both the core and non-core sectors depends on students’ expertise and skill set. The competition in the core sector is very high but there is optimum growth. One can explore great opportunities working in a core engineering field. Due to the technological advancements in the industry, the demand for CS & IT engineers has been on the surge. Also, with experience and expertise, one can build a very successful career in the core engineering sector.

The non-core sector is currently flooding with opportunities. There are a large number of job profiles available in the non-core sector. Students with the right skills can experience exponential growth in the career of their choice. As most of the non-core jobs are based on skills, the salary packages offered are higher comparatively. Being in a non-core sector doesn’t restrict students to one domain. Students can move from one domain to another and gain expertise in multiple domains building a successful career.


We suggest students choose the career option which aligns with their interests. It is always best to follow your passion and heart. By doing that one can achieve immeasurable success. Another important factor that plays a significant role in determining a career path is the engineering institute that students’ choose. You must choose a college that imparts the right skills and knowledge for you to pursue your dreams. If you are looking for the right engineering institute in Delhi, you must opt for St. Andrews Institute of Engineering & Technology. SAITM provides best-in-class education and the right skills that give wings to your dreams. You can apply for admission at SAITM by visiting their official website.

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