Top 11 Reasons to Pursue Engineering in 2021

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Engineering is one of the most rewarding and sought-after careers in the world. A degree earned in the engineering field can help you travel the world and get a decent salary. Among the majority of the high school, pursuing engineering at the undergraduate level remains the top-most choice. But still, many students get confused regarding considering engineering as an ideal UG option. If you are among the ones, then check out some of the reasons that inspire you to study engineering.

1. Studying engineering add prestige

Doing engineering is not possible for all. One needs to be dedicated and work harder as highly competitive exams like JEE Main is not an easy task. Everyone knows how much effort you have poured into becoming a qualified engineer. People are well-aware of the sacrifices engineering students make while earning respectful UG engineering degrees like B. Tech. So pursuing engineering studies from renowned institutes like SATIM adds an element of respect naturally.

2. Improved creativity

Being an engineer means that you use your creative and imaginative skills each day. Throughout the career, engineers are supposed to work on different projects that improve their expertise and work experience. Whether you have mechanical, chemical, or some other engineering, you will always get a chance to improve your creativity skills and think out of the box.

3. Transferable skills

An engineering-based education allows students to get detailed information about several technical subjects and skill sets. Students doing an engineering course get a chance to develop skills that are transferable to most industries including problem-solving abilities, decision-making, innovative ideas, project management, ability to work as a team, and much more.

4. Helps become professionally successful

Once you have made up your mind to do an engineering course, you start thinking like an engineer. Students doing an engineering course witness improved logical and critical thinking; moreover, the ability to take accurate decisions also improves manifolds. All these skills help a lot throughout your career and you get more passionate about your work. So, engineers tend to become more focused and prove to do their job more effectively.

5. Engineers can work in diversified sectors

Qualified engineers get a chance to work in diversified sectors as they have the acquired skills and confidence required to deal with any kind of problem. Engineers can solve all problems no matter how big or small they are. In fact, engineers start considering every problem as a challenge and use it as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

If you have a B. Tech degree in a particular sector, then it does not mean that you have to stick to the same throughout your career. Engineering graduates can work in different sectors, regardless of their engineering stream. Engineering adds flexibility.

6. Engineers are problem-solvers

Doing an engineering program helps improve your problem-solving skills. During the 4-year B. Tech course, students are trained to acquire the skills and confidence needed to deal with all kinds of real-world problems. For engineers, every problem is a challenge for them.

7. Engineering brings financial security

Doing engineering from popular institutes like SATIM brings more financial stability. If we go by figures, then engineering programs take up more than 40% of the slots in the top 10 paying majors’ lists. Some of the most prominent and attractive engineering disciplines include chemical, computer, electrical engineering, among many others.

Fresh engineering graduates can expect higher salaries as compared to those earned by graduates working in departments like sales, human resources, marketing, etc.

8. Engineers can change the world

It feels wonderful when you get the opportunity to bring revolutions that can help create a better place. Engineering works are highly appreciated. Imagine the feeling enjoyed by engineers when they get appreciation on their newly constructed bridge or any aircraft.

If you want to have a relaxed mind and enjoy the feeling of making a difference in the world, then engineering is something you must opt for. As you grow professionally, you get an opportunity to work on bigger and more prestigious projects.

9. International Skills

If you’re interested in working abroad, then engineering is an ideal option for you. One of the reasons for pursuing engineering by the majority of students is to have a great career ahead. Since engineers are in high demand all over the world, doing it offers you the skills and knowledge needed to work internationally. Engineering degrees are highly respected and qualified engineers are required across the world. This means that engineers get an option to work anywhere in the world. Whether you are a mechanical, electrical, or computer engineer, your skills remain in high demand always.

10. Practical exposure

If you don’t want to do a regular 9-5 job, then engineering can prove to be an ideal option for you. In addition to theory classes, regular workshops are arranged to provide a hands-on learning experience. SAITM Gurgaon is one of the renowned B. Tech institutes that organizes regular events and seminars to ensure better guidance for the students.

11. Engineering is fun learning

Practically all engineers get hands-on work experience in any of the projects they get involved in. Engineers don’t have to sit behind a computer and do a regular sitting job, but they think out of the box in innovating new technology. This makes engineering as a profession much more interesting allowing learners to start developing their projects and improve their credibility in the modern world.

Hope we have provided enough reasons to do an engineering course. If you have passed your high-school studies and want to study engineering, then get enrolled for an engineering course offered at SATIM. An engineering course at SATIM comes with a wealth of knowledge and the latest learning technologies that help improve students’ creative and reasoning skills. SAITM has an impressive track record of offering decent placements to its students who get appointed at some of the top companies.

So, begin your professional career now by enrolling for a B. Tech at SATIM Gurgaon. SATIM offers B. Tech in diversified streams including Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, among many others.

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