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Online Lecture series – BBA

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About online lecture series in Business Administration (BBA)

Online lecture series in Business Administration (BBA) offer educational content tailored to individuals interested in various aspects of business management, administration, and entrepreneurship. Here are some key aspects typically found in such lecture series:

  1. Content Coverage: These lecture series cover a wide range of topics within the field of business administration, including:
    • Fundamentals of Business: Introduction to business concepts, business environment, and organizational structures.
    • Management Principles: Principles of management, leadership styles, organizational behavior, and human resource management.
    • Marketing and Sales: Marketing strategies, market research, branding, advertising, and sales techniques.
    • Finance and Accounting: Financial management, budgeting, financial analysis, accounting principles, and financial reporting.
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management: Operations management, supply chain optimization, logistics, and quality management.
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Entrepreneurial mindset, business planning, startup funding, innovation management, and business development.

St. Andrews Institute of Technology & Management Youtube Page:-

Lecture series for Bachelor of Business Administration- Semester 2,4,6



Name of subjectVideo Lecture LinkFaculty Name
Financial management Sandhya Rao
Human resource Management Rashmi mangla
Business Research Methods Gargee Panwar
Business law sapna dadwal
Data Base management system Praveen Yadav
Data Base management system Bhawna
Human Rights and Values Sandhya Rao
Human Rights and Values Rashmi Mangla


Name of subjectVideo Lecture LinkFaculty Name
Income Tax Gargee Panwar
Income Tax Aanchal choudhary
System analysis and design Ankita Sharma
Foundation of International business Sandhya Rao
Consumer Protection sapna dadwal
E-Commerce Ritika
E-Commerce Rashmi Mangla

Course Page:-
Link to all course page:-