MBA vs Executive MBA- Your Perfect Option in 2021 SAITM?

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Today, there are a plethora of MBA and Executive MBA programs offered by B-schools across the world. But it is important to choose the best one, based on your learning requirements and needs. Both Executive MBA and MBA hold equal prestige and are worth every penny. What makes them different is the reason and way of delivery, creating two distinct experiences.

All the MBA aspirants planning to go for higher studies, but are confused between an MBA and Executive MBA course, can refer to the beneath write-up.

MBA Programs

MBA or the Master of Business Administration programs are ideally designed for candidates with less or no work experience. These are people who need more introductory courses in business administration.

The MBA candidates need to maintain a heavier workload and they need to work in a fixed schedule to support their regular studies. Also, they get wider options to select electives or a subject specialization as per their area of interest.

EMBA Courses

Executive MBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) programs are designed for working professionals, who have years of experience in the business world. Those who want to keep continuing their jobs along with advancing their skills usually opt for an Executive MBA course.

There are many B-Schools offering specializations in industries like healthcare and technology allowing students to choose elective specializations in management, leadership, etc.

EMBA and MBA Admissions Requirements

Since both programs are done by candidates at different stages in their careers, thus the minimum eligibility of both is different. Executive MBA is designed for managers having extensive work experience, mostly the ones having work experience of anywhere between 10-15 years can apply. Moreover, Executive MBAs already have obtained extensive business knowledge, so in many cases, standardized entrance exam scores might not be considered. GMAT is one of the most popular considered exams and candidates’ scores are considered while shortlisting them.

Though many schools take their own in-house entrance exams as well.

For full-time MBA study, also focus is laid on GMAT scores, in addition to many other exams like CAT, MAT, SAJEE, etc. to help differentiate candidates during the selection process. Both freshets’ and candidates having work experience of anywhere between three to five years can apply.

In case candidates prepare to do an MBA course from abroad, then in addition to producing GMAT scores, they need to prove their English proficiency with a test like TOEFL, as the majority of them are taught in English.

EMBA and MBA Program Duration

Though the duration of both a regular MBA and an executive MBA different by school, still the Executive MBA is designed to meet the needs of working professionals. In some cases, learning takes place either distance and/or online. In-person EMBA classes are mostly arranged during the evenings or over the weekends so that working professionals can join them. On the other hand, if you plan to do a regular MBA, then you need to have enough time. Regular classes are held.

Both Executive MBA and MBA curricula cover almost the same core material, but Executive MBA programs have lesser electives, and students are required to take most classes together. But on the other hand, MBA students get more flexibility while selecting their classes and more range to options to be considered.

EMBA and MBA Fees and ROI

One of the major differences between an MBA program and an executive MBA program is that the former can be pursued as a part-time degree program allowing students to earn a full-time salary, which in turn puts less strain on them. But full-time MBAs have to arrange funds to do an MBA.

Full-time MBAs are overwhelmingly self-funded, but many scholarships are available for deserving students aiming to lower their financial burden.

Post the completion of the course, both MBA and Executive MBA graduates can expect a decent salary, though it differs from college to college. Doing an MBA from renowned colleges like SAITM can help you get a decent salary with an opportunity to join global firms. According to QS Global EMBA rankings 2019, Executive MBA graduates registered an average salary boost of around 38.5 percent while MBAs in comparison saw an increase of 64 percent in compensation post-graduation, as per the data provided in a 2018 QS ROI report.

Network and Lifestyle

Networking is important in Executive MBA programs and more interactions are laid on smaller cohorts and alumni. A regular full-time MBA program, on the other hand, gives a more immersive student experience allowing them to live permanently on or near campus and get involved in different kinds of extracurricular activities. Doing an MBA course from SAITM Gurgaon allows students to take part in various sports, conferences and student-run events to get to know students coming from different backgrounds.

MBA is one of the popular and rewarding PG programs at SAITM that helps you improve your credibility, which is essential to foray into the business world

Whether students do an Executive MBA or an MBA solely depends upon them. Executive MBAs have huge work experience and are looking to enrich their existing knowledge and skills. On the other hand, students opting for an MBA program are either freshers or the ones with some work experience.

Whether you opt for an EMBA or an MBA depends mainly on the circumstances and your future goals. But if you had made up your mind to do an MBA, then you must not miss an opportunity to take admission in renowned institutes like SAITM Gurgaon. MBA at SAITM is one of the most popular PG programs that can be done from students with educational backgrounds in Science, Commerce or Arts.

Even the placements for MBA offered here are exceptionally good. MBA degree holders can expect to get the managerial role and responsibility with a whooping package. The average starting package offered to MBA graduates starts at INR 10-12 LPA. Some of the renowned recruiters at SAITM that take part in placement drive at SAITM include Chegg, Cvent, Just dial, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, etc.

Which particular degree program, MBA or EMBA is right for you is something only you can decide. And to answer it accurately, you need to consider your own eligibility criteria and your future goals. But if you have decided to do an MBA course, do it from good institutes like SAITM that helps you to evaluate your own ability and get the best results in the future.

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