MBA After BSC in 2021

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Master’s in Business Administration is a very popular option among students after completing their graduation degree. ,one may wonder why it is so. The main reason why MBA is in such high demand is that it is a course that increases and enhances your chances of employment in every field. The job market that a student after graduation needs to compete in is very stiff and scarce. So, having something more than just a traditional graduation degree is very important. But an MBA degree after a Bachelor’s in Science degree may not be seen as a very viable option by many, given the core nature and fundamentals of the two subjects. Both the subjects can be seen as poles apart from each other.

However, before jumping to any conclusion, it is important to understand what is the fundamental knowledge that one gains from a B.Sc degree and how an MBA degree can amplify this knowledge. A three-year bachelor’s in science degree is a popular choice among science students after the 12th exam. This course mainly comprises the basics of science subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, zoology. There are various specializations that one can pursue during a B.Sc degree ranging from PCM and zoology to professional courses like nursing and food technology. However, after completing B.Sc, they seem lost as to what to pursue next.

For a B.Sc student, it is very important to stay relevant in today’s competitive world. And an MBA degree is the answer. During the two years of your MBA degree, you are taught about management, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and sales, etc, which helps you to achieve your dream job and your dream paycheck. So , if you are a B.Sc graduate and wondering what your next step should be. The below-mentioned points elaborately discuss why MBA can be the best decision you can make after completing your graduation.

1. Change in the job scenario

The ground reality of today is that the workplace has changed a lot and it has become essential to stay relevant. New ideas and innovation have flooded the job market and it is very important to stay in the game. A B.Sc degree will give you all the knowledge you require but proper execution of the knowledge is only possible if you have good managerial skills. And a master’s degree in administration is exactly what is needed to enhance these skills

2. You have a dynamic set of expertise

There is constant improvisation in the work-life scenario. A diverse set of expertise is very important to increase one’s employability factor. For instance, suppose a student has a B.Sc degree with PCM (physics, chemistry, and mathematics) as specialization, and after the completion of their graduation they want to pursue a career as a research analyst. In such a case, the student has all the skills required to pursue their dream job but may still not be fit to be employed. This problem may arise because employers usually look for candidates with strong analytic, observational and empirical knowledge. An MBA degree helps you to meet the expectation of the employer.

3. You are one step ahead in the competition

There are many benefits of doing an MBA degree. The most feasible benefit is that it just keeps you ahead in the competition. Frequent changes in the job markets make it very difficult for a person with a traditional graduation degree to be at par with others. However, an MBA degree is packed with all the latest set of skills that makes a candidate the first choice of the employers.

4. An MBA degree helps you get easy promotions

Being static and stuck in one position can be very frustrating and many traditional degree holders experience this in their work lives. The main reason for this is that a traditional degree like B.Sc doesn’t prepare you to hold a high managerial position and hence, promotions are very long due. But an MBA degree makes you well equipped to handle a high position and manage the workforce efficiently.

5. An MBA degree will ensure you are offered a higher salary

While applying for any job, you might have come across the term “MBA preferred” in the advertisement. No matter what your background of education is, an MBA degree is the cherry on top of the cake.

The average salary of a B.Sc graduate is 2 to 5 lakhs per annum, depending upon which field he is employed in. but with an MBA degree, the average salary may be up to 6 to7 lakhs per annum.

6. Enhances your business skills

After completing your B.Sc degree, you want to open up your own company. For eg, suppose you have completed your B.Sc in agriculture and now you want to open your agricultural firm. It will not be an easy task without entrepreneur knowledge, or without knowledge about finance and accounting or human resource management. Therefore, if you are aspiring to become your boss and opening a company of your own, an MBA degree will become an asset on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

7. MBA makes you ready to tackle the professional world

Life after college is very competitive and an MBA can be a great stepping stone when you enter into the professional world. Packed with professional knowledge such as organizing, managing, staffing, and planning, it makes you ready to handle the professional world.

MBA can be a great step for B.Sc graduates who don’t want to go for M.Sc. An MBA degree will boost up your CV and can be a great addition to your educational journey.

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