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Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most sought-after courses that students choose after completing their 12th boards. A degree in bachelors in business administration teaches you about the intricacies of the business world. Subjects like principles of management, business mathematics, statistics, business economics, finance, management, and accounting, etc. that are taught to a student during the three years of a BBA course makes them well equipped to tackle the professional world. BBA being a purely professional course offers you numerous job opportunities and hence many students opt for it. Especially now, that we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, pursuing a course that will fetch you multiple job opportunities is very important. Job opportunities are scarce and you must put your best foot forward while entering the job market.

There are some professions and career options that have not lost their relevance even during this pandemic. The following are the career options that you can pursue after completing your Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2021.

1. Job in the banking sector

BBA opens numerous opportunities in the banking sector. BBA gears up a student to work in the banking sector by making them well versed in subjects like finance and accounting. A firm grip on these subjects makes them the perfect candidate to work in this sector.

The banking sector job provides the candidate with job security which is very vital in today’s day and age. The average salary of a person working in the banking sector is 2 lacs per annum at the beginning of their career.

2. Sales and marketing jobs

The success of any business establishment depends on how good they are in marketing their goods and service, and in selling the products that they are putting into the market forum. Hence, jobs in sales and marketing will never become irrelevant. Sales and marketing jobs are perfect for a BBA graduate because of the subjects they are being taught in their graduation. The course curriculum gives them a fair idea about the principles of sales and marketing which make them the perfect candidate for this job role.

The average salary of a BBA fresher in a sales and marketing job is 3.12 lakhs per annum.

3. Job in the consulting service sector

Consulting services provide third-party expertise in return for a fee. A consultant is necessary for every field of business and BBA graduates make the perfect fit for this job. Formulating strategies, operation and advanced analytics are some of the qualities that are required in the field of consulting services, and BBA graduates are well versed in these skills.

The average salary of a person in a consulting services job is 6.93 lakhs per annum.

4. Supply chain management

A supply chain manager is involved in every stage of production, from purchasing raw materials to the delivery of the final product. They are also responsible for making sure the right amount of products are produced at the right time. A BBA graduate is a suitable candidate for the role of supply chain manager. Many FMCG companies, automobile companies, and the retail sector look for BBA graduates for this job role.

The average salary of a supply chain manager is 12.9 lakhs per annum.

5. Human resource management

A job as a human resource manager requires you to efficiently manage the workforce of a company or organization. An HR manager acts as a bridge between the higher levels of authority and the employees. A BBA graduate in human resource management is the perfect fit for this job role because BBA teaches the candidate soft skills like personality development, negotiation, consulting, and problem-solving skills and etiquette which are very important to manage a workforce.

The average salary of a fresher in human resource management is 3.12 lakhs per annum.

6. Start your own business

During the BBA curriculum, a candidate is taught about business and economics and the market in general. And with this knowledge, it becomes easier for them to start their own business. BBA degrees make for successful entrepreneurs. They have a fair idea of how the market works and how profit is made and hence a beforehand knowledge about the business world puts them in an advantageous position while establishing their own business.

7. Go for a government job

A graduation degree opens up many opportunities in the public sector. You can prepare for the coveted union public service commission or any other government job. A beforehand knowledge about industrial functions and management will help you shine in your field.

8. Job in digital marketing

Digital marketing has a special place in this list because with the pandemic everything has become digitized. An average person spends a major portion of their day engaging in social media and watching television. Therefore, digital marketing has become the perfect tool for reaching a targeted audience. Digital marketing can reach a large number of audiences in a short period of time. Marketing basics taught in a BBA come in handy in this job role. You can also opt for short-term digital marketing courses after completing your BBA to make your CV stronger.

The average salary of a fresher in digital marketing is 2.04 lacs per annum.

If your plan is to continue with your higher studies after your BBA degree, here are two very popular courses that you can opt for.

9. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Fresh BBA graduates can continue with further studies by choosing to go for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. PGDM can be a smart move if you want to upscale your career graph. PGDM is a two-year diploma course that is certified by the All India Council for Technical Education. PGDM increases your conceptual knowledge and makes you well prepared for the professional world.

The average salary of a PGDM graduate is 7.73 lakhs per annum.

10. Masters in Business Administration

MBA is the most popular course that you can pursue after completing your BBA. An MBA degree opens up doors for high-profile jobs and will land you with a job with a heavy package.

MBA teaches your managerial ethics, economics, finance, and accounting. These skills are very important if you want to make a mark in the professional field.

The average salary of an MBA graduate is 6.78 lakhs per annum.

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