Sports education not only familiarizes students about the importance of maintaining physical stamina, but it helps them to become obedient, self-disciplined and determined. Though many of the student’s abilities and skills like creativity, logic, etc. are nurtured through academic education, however, sports education also plays an important role in the overall-all development of the students. Students taking an active part in sport and exercise on their campuses have better academic success and a higher retention rate as compared to non-participants.

With growing competition in the world, students tend to feel more stressed which impacts their mental development as well. Thus, it is important to get involved in some kind of physical activity that helps students feel relaxed. The sports curriculum at SAITM includes sports, games, and physical health education that help students develop mentally and physically.

Students at SAITM get a chance to take part in different co-curricular activities, both indoor and outdoor & cultural activities are arranged at the institute aiming to develop individual initiative, group leadership and cooperation abilities in students. The institute has facilities for Table Tennis, Billiards, Badminton, Volleyball, Air Hockey, Air Football, and Cricket. The institute has excellent facilities for sports including a gymnasium, basketball court, volleyball court and a spacious ground for sports such as football, cricket. All the students taking part in different sports activities are guided by a batch of Physical Education Trainer.

Sports Area

There is no denying the fact that academic learning and sports education complement each other and must go hand in hand. If sports education is delivered in addition to the academic curriculum, students can witness a significant increase in their overall personality. Team-building qualities, leadership qualities, tolerance, etc. are some of the qualities that nurture and grow with professional sports training.


SAITM’S gym is a modern day, fully-equipped gymnasium that has a wide selection of cardio equipment, free weights, dumbbells, benches, and exercise machines for the students to stay active throughout their studies.

Sports Committee


  • The sports committee aims to motivate students and faculty members towards sports.
  • It organizes training, coaching, and education in sports for all students so that they can know the importance of staying fit.
  • To improve students’ participation in different sports activities.
  • To organize different sports activities like volleyball, football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, chess, carom and badminton, etc. for the students and faculty
  • To promote students’ health and physical well-being.
  • To develop sportsmanship, team spirit, and bonding among individuals.
  • To help students sustain in the highly competitive sports world and take part in recreational activities i.e. both indoor and outdoor.



  • The committee aims to promote sports activities by motivating students and members of the faculty.
  • To build a wide range of abilities and skills like leadership, confidence, teamwork, patience, self-discipline, etc. among students.
  • To promote team spirit and create healthy competition among students.
  • To prepare students for various state and national level competitions.
  • To make necessary infrastructure for the sports available at the campus.

Date : 01 Feb, 2020

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