SAITM Central Library

SAITM central library is the repository of all types of resources for students and faculty to gain knowledge. SAITM central library is well-lighted and spacious with comfortable seating arrangements for students to sit and study there for long hours. Much care is taken to provide the best-in-class facilities in the SAITM central library to motivate the students and faculty members to make the most of it. SAITM central library consists of a central library and various sections allotted to different departments which collectively support the educational needs of all the students and staff. SAITM central library and information center of the college has kept pace with emerging technologies, perhaps SAITM central library is one of the best technologically sound libraries. SAITM central library has the capacity to accommodate 150 students at a time and it is enabled with Wi-Fi technology and security systems with Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV).

Date : 23 Jan, 2020

  • SAITM Central Library

  • SAITM Central Library

  • SAITM Central Library

  • SAITM Central Library

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