Btech Subjects


BTech Syllabus: Important Facts

  • This is a four-year course divided into 8 semesters. Each semester has the required number of subjects, and the credits are awarded accordingly.
  • As this course has various specializations, each specialization offers multiple subjects, out of which a few subjects might be interrelated to the other specialization. Subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Mechanics, ECE Technology, Programming, Engineering Drawing and Graphics, Data Structures, etc., are common subjects in the B.Tech curriculum.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of BTech courses. The syllabus, however, changes depending on the specialization picked. While some B Tech subjects, such as business communication and engineering drawing, continue to be required across all disciplines, the core and electives are tailored to the specific field.

  • These subjects enable the students to have an in-depth analysis and understanding of technical terms and the theoretical and practical aspects of each subject related to engineering, which is applied in real life. A lot of innovation and self-equipped skills would be essential in the duration of this course.
  • Each student should obtain a minimum credit score to complete this course. There would also be a project that each student should undertake by the beginning of the fourth year. The duration and type of the project, along with its credit score, varies from one college/university to the other. For instance, the final-year project in the industry. The credit varies based on the selection of the project concerning the department in the same college or university.
  • Apart from the core subjects, students can take elective courses based on their choice and interests. These elective courses can be chosen at the students’ discretion during any semester. These elective courses vary from one college/university to the other.