Orientation 2017

Events-Orientation 2017

It is always overwhelming to move to a new place and adjust to an unfamiliar environment. You have to adapt to your new surroundings and new people around you. You have to get accustomed to a new culture and make yourself familiar with the system. This often becomes time-consuming and very hard without any proper guidance.

So, what if a new employee is facing the same situation in an organization?

Employees often complain about being too overwhelmed about their new job. Also, understanding a new job takes time and effort. Recruits feel that too much information is being dumped on them with very little time in hand.

A leader must guide a new employees through their job. On top of that they need to understand the organizational value and the goals. This is where workplace orientation comes in and plays a vital role in an organization.


  • College Freshman Orientation: This is the most common type of orientation program and typically happens in August or September before the start of the academic year. In 2017, it would likely have been held around those months.
  • New Staff Orientation: Companies may also hold orientation programs for new staff. The Don Bosco College website shows an example of a Staff Orientation Programme held in February 2017

Date : 30 Jan, 2020

  • Orientation 2017

  • Orientation 2017

  • Orientation 2017

  • Orientation 2017

  • Orientation 2017

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