Magical Memory Workshop

Workshop for Magical Memory 


A Magical Workshop was organized at SAITM today where Nitin Panchal was invited for teaching the memory tricks to the first year students. The Most common problem among the students is forgetting what they have learnt. They do work hard for their syllabus, but even after they are not able to cram the whole syllabus, the reason behind is they are doing hard work in wrong direction. They don’t even know how our mind works then how can they use their 100 percent power of mind. The magical tricks were taught and the students enjoyed the tricks as now they would be able to remember a lot with minimal efforts.


Common Complaint 

“My child studies very hard, but he forgets during exams”
“She forgets definitions”
“He forgets formulas”
“She forgets the answers of the chapter”

This poor memory instills a sense of fear for exams in the minds of students. The reasons for poor memory could be many. Fortunately, there are ways and means to increase the memory of our super computer — the Human Brain. The solution lies in doing our specially developed course for increasing the memory of the brain — Magical Memory


Date : 24 Jan, 2020

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    Magical Memory Workshop

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